I am a Business Advisor & WordPress Developer from Brighton, UK. I aim to provide web design services driven by business insights.

I am a recent masters graduate with a 2:1 in MSc Management (Innovation) from the University of Brighton. I am looking to enter an exciting role in digital marketing with a high-potential start-up agency, where I can develop my skillset alongside helping the company grow. I am analytical and an excellent verbal communicator with experience in business strategy, marketing, and website design. I have a proven track record in analysing data and producing reports on market trends, budgeting, ideas and insights.


Innovus  /  Strategy Consulting /  May 2018  –  Present

A team providing business consulting services such as strategy development, market analysis, new product development, marketing and pro-forma financial analysis. The team provides a hollistic service designed to help SMEs and new ventures to lay the foundations for success. This includes going beyond the traditional consulting services into website design and implementation. Current role involves responsibility for seeking new clients and providing Innovus’ consulting services, as well as duties in the role of company director. 

Projects Undertaken:

A startup based in Shoreham, West Sussex, providing vehicle modification services such as ECU Remapping and Window Tinting.
Currently consulting on business strategy and marketing. The aim is to minimize overheads, allowing the firm to enter the market by competing on price, then bootstrapping to scale the business.

This industry and these services have a poor representation, dominated by unclear and high pricing, poor standards of service, and poor quality products. This firm seeks to change that, having been accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry to provide these services.

An ongoing client receiving business support from the Innovus team, including website development and maintenance, business strategy, and administrative support. 

The Whale Car Wash is a machine drive-thru car wash with 30 years of brand heritage in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex. 

The client first received business advice from the Innovus team in 2016, when the decision was made to replace its machine. Our role was to provide project management support, including liasing with potential vendors and chemical suppliers for the machine. The replacement of the machine was a prime opportunity for a shift in direction in terms of business strategy. The Whale Car Wash moved to strategically focus on providing premium service in terms of quality and speed. 

In 2018, as business performance increased over the 2 years, The Whale Car Wash took advantage of a trend of shifting social attitudes to the ethics of hand car washing. It currently capitalises its sustainable and eco-friendly approach to car-washing. 

The Innovus team designed and continue to maintain The Whale Car Wash’s website

Practical Biotechnology  /  Biopharmaceutical  /  Oct 2017  –  Present

Practical Biotechnology is a biopharmaceutical start-up based in Honolulu, HI. Their focus is on taking novel cancer therapies and accelerating them closer to market, proving their worth to those that wish to commercialise them. Practical Biotechnology is backed up by experts in cancer and medical research, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and IP stalwarts. Practical Biotechnology hopes to bring effective patient-centric cancer therapies to those that need them. Practical Biotechnology was declared a winner of the Freedom From Cancer Startup Challenge 2017-2018. 

Current role is the continuing development of Practical Biotechnology’s business strategy as new opportunities and threats emerge in the industry. This includes ongoing market analysis and forecasting, as well as supporting marketing efforts. Working closely with scientists and entrepreneurs, as well as IP specialists to manage the Practical Biotechnology’s innovation efforts. 

Co-authored the award-winning business plan, pitch deck, and financial statements which were deliverables in the Freedom From Cancer Startup Challenge. 

Bought onto the team in the early stages of the Freedom From Cancer Startup Challenge, my role was to bring additional business strategy expertise to the team. This included preliminary market analysis, business modelling, and financial forecasting. 

University of Brighton / Higher Education  /   October 2016  –  December 2017

While studying for MSc Management (Innovation) at the University of Brighton’s Business School, fulfilled a role as a postgraduate business ambassador. 

Role included representing the Brighton Business School at business networking events such as Chamber of Commerce, CMI guest lectures and CMA guest lectures. Also served as a dragon on the undergraduate and postgraduate course’s Dragon’s Dens. 

Wyevale Garden Centres  / Horticultural & Home Retail  /   September 2012  –  August 2016

A horticultural retailer, which at it’s peak had more than 150 centres throughout the UK. This was the start of my career after completing my A-Levels, and started my curiousity in all-things business related. 

Collaborated with Area Manager to devise and implement a balanced scorecard across 12 centres.
Used MS Excel and data analysis skills to parse company-wide reports into an easily readable weekly report with relevant information for the 12 Garden Centre Managers in the area. This lead to an increase in productivity on behalf of the Garden Centre Managers. 

Oversaw training of 5 new team members in areas including customer service, customer checkouts, and in-house stock management systems. 
Achieved the highest proportion of furniture sold in a 6-month period in the centre, out of a selling team of 6 employees personally sold 60%. 
Deployed to multiple centres in the region to contribute to bi-annual stock counts, due to personal record of accomplishment in contributing to Project BEST, a company-wide project to improve stock management in centres. 

Although a Customer Service Assistant, circumstances required a team member to provide leadership and direction to the rest of the team. This included acting as a Supervisor for the team of 5 customer service assistants. This role developed my leadership, management, and teamworking skills. It also laid the foundations for my adaptability and flexibility, a key skill needed in retail. 


MSc Management (Innovation) /  University of Brighton /  October 2016  –  December 2017

Specialised in the study of innovation, including the research, planning, and authorship of a 10,000-word dissertation. The topic involved validating a model of innovation strategy, originally developed by the university’s own research group. The paper explores the nature of innovation and strategy, and how firms can create and deploy their own innovations effectively.

  • IMM01 Managing Technological and Organisational Innovation (75%)
  • STM53 International Strategy Management (68%)
  • MKM43 New Product Development (70%)
  • ECM16 Behavioural Economics (75%)
  • OPM11 Business Processes and Systems (88%)
  • ECM11 Management Environment (58%)
  • HRM39 Managing Organisational Behaviour (74%)
  • MLM50 International Management Integration with
  • Innovation (86%)
  • MKM26 Marketing in an International Context (72%)
  • HRM45 International Management & Leadership (74%)
  • FAM03 Accounting for Managers (78%)
Level 7 Award in Strategic Management & Leadership /  Chartered Management Institute /  October 2016  –  December 2017
BSc (Hons) Business  /  University of Brighton  /  Oct 2015  –  June 2016

Specialised in the study of Strategy Management and Organisational Change. Studying while working for Wyevale Garden Centres and therefore selected models which would help advance my workplace skills, for example, human resource management. 

  • Strategic Management
  • Human Resource Management & Organisational Change
  • Employee Selection & Development
  • Developing Academic Knowledge and Skills
  • Operations and Process Management
  • Managing Organisations
  • Contemporary Issues in Organisational Behaviour (Research Option)

FdA Business  / University of Brighton /   September 2013  –  June 2015


Leadership & Management
5 Years of Experience 80%
Business Strategy
3 Years of Experience 75%
3 Years of Experience 75%
Business Innovation
3 Years of Experience 50%
WordPress Development
1 Year of Experience 25%
1 Year of Experience 25%
  • MS Project
  • Primavera P6
  • Nvivo 11
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Inkscape
  • GIMP
  • RawTherapee
  • DeepSkyStacker


New Manager Masters International Residency /  Grenoble Ecole De Management /  Grenoble, France / January 2017

Highly Commended For Student Employee of the Year (Step-up to Leadership) /  National Association of Student Employment Services /  June 2015

Nomination for Student Employee of the Year (Above & Beyond) /  National Association of Student Employment Services /  April 2015

Nomination for Student Employee of the Year (Step-up to Leadership) /  National Association of Student Employment Services /  April 2015


Senior Lecturer at University of Brighton

James is a dynamic business manager and a thoughtful and critical thinker. We were very pleased that James was able to join us as a dragon for our event for final year business students. Recommended Dragon!

27th April 2018

Deputy Head of Brighton Business School: Postgraduate and Professional

I can highly recommend James to any potential client or company for the following reasons. He has a big picture view of business which enables him to be strategic in his thinking. He is continually innovative and ready to explore new ways of tackling challenges. If he takes on a project he will lead and delegate and be supportive of his team and shows great flexibility and adaptability when unexpected challenges come his way. Finally he is a very considerate and trustworthy person who always looks to reciprocate in his networks with others.

18th April 2018

2018 MSc Management Graduate

I had the pleasure of working with James during our Master’s Degree in Management at the University of Brighton. We worked together on several team projects and I can say he is a very organized, responsible and a committed person.
James is someone that in order to make any project succeed, would do rigorous planning, set goals and even take on other parts of a project when our other team members were falling behind.
James is also very good at encouraging and motivating people, making him very supportive when he has to work with other people. As well, working with him on individual assignments used to be very inspiring as James has a very innovative perspective making all his projects full of originality.
Effective is also a word that describes James very well, as he is a proactive person who is always applying strategic approaches in every step he takes. Furthermore, James is highly studious, making him a fountain of knowledge as he is always bringing the latest acquaintance and skills to the table when others can not.
He is also very meticulous in every task he takes. It does not matter how small a task is, he will show great attention to any detail in a very careful and precise manner accomplishing the best results in the shortest possible time. James would be a valuable asset to any company.

8th April 2018

Customer Service Assistant at Wyevale Garden Centres

I thoroughly enjoyed working with James. He showed from the offset that he is smart, reliable, dedicated, willing and proactive. These are all great traits of his, plus more! He is always keen to take on new responsibilities. James will make a great asset to any team. He also has great management skills.

15th April 2015

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